Owing to some technical issues, our Mumbai branch is currently non-functional.
So, wherever there is a mention of the Mumbai branch throughout the site, please ignore the same.
Once it is active, we will announce here.
However, the Mumbai mail iD mentioned in the Contacts page is still active, and is being checked from Kolkata.
Avoid writing there for the time being, but if you have already written or write in the future by mistake, it will not be lost.

(ARC Group, India)
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A welcome message from the CEO
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Greetings. A hearty welcome to ARC Group, the most creative, original and versatile business group of India with its amazing range of services in IT, multimedia, advertising, literature and culture, all under one single banner, which no other organization offers in the country. Know¬†more...

There is a wide choice of foreign and Indian languages in which websites, multimedia, advertising and literary and translation work roll out of the studios. Know more...

The group is run by elderly veterans as well as young bloods in the industry combining years of experience and modern outlook, and operates primarily from Kolkata and Mumbai, but has a nationwide network along with overseas clientele from the west and other parts of the globe with several thousands of happy customers spread all over the world. Know more...

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