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I had been a resident of South Kolkata (West Bengal, India) all my life since birth till today.
Parents Being born of great parents, my childhood was a blissful one which passed in great happiness. I am particularly proud of my father, who was an internationally famed academician (who even redesigned university courses and syllabuses), industrialist (in the field of industrial & business management) and social worker. He was a very kind hearted man with a heart of gold, and was totally a self-made man with none of the contacts or links inherited. The way he used to help people all his life through his contacts or by providing job opportunities to people without any publicity or self interest is really amazing, and I am yet to find another person like him anywhere in this world till date. Sometimes he even used to volunteer help to helpless relatives and acquaintances even before they asked for it. And all these he used to do finding time inbetween his hectic international tours. He had even adopted a village (through Rotary International) and spent for its reform from his own pocket. As far as I know, till today, a primary school and a dispensary named after him by the villagers still exist there.
My mother was an extremely talented lady in music and cultural fields and was equally an expert in cooking and general household management. She was extremely dedicated to her family and sacrificed her entire life in many ways to support my father and and for general well-being. When I look at the world today, I can really feel what a different kind of family mine was during childhood.
Those golden days are lost forever, as I lost my father untimely, at a young age, way back in 1986, and my mother also passed away in 2006.
After the passing away of my father, it was all struggle for me for many years to rebuild everything on my own, as we got cheated of almost everything by opportunist people around taking advantage of my young age and lack of experience of life in those days. Just like my father, I too am a self-made man today with almost nothing inherited that I could have as my own.
Right from my young days, I have seen celebrities and top level people from various cross sections of the society regularly vising our house, but in those young and innocent days, it seemed very natural to me and I never realised how important and powerful were these people. It was only after my father’s death, that the actual face of the world was unvealed before my eyes almost overnight. But then it was too late, because all those ‘powerful people’ suddenly made themselves strangers to me, and I could get no advantage of those high contacts. Today I have contacts again, but it’s all rebuilt by myself with my own merit.
My writing will remain incomplete if I do not particularly mention the names of three celebrities and write a few words on them who had great impacts on my life during my childhood/ youth days. They are, Late Satyajit Ray, Late V. Balsara and Late Raichand Boral (click on their names to read more and press the back button of your browser to come back here). Particularly in case of Ray, it was a dream come true, because Tagore, Chaplin and Ray had always been my idols.