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Software Development

What are kind of softwares that are offered by ARC Group?

bullet  Android Softwares
bullet  Windows Softwares
bullet  Web Based Softwares
bullet  Accounting Softwares
bullet  Customized Mailing Programmes *
bullet  Bilk SMS Sending Programmes *
bullet  Printing Softwares
bullet  Gaming Softwares

* Legalized through written permission from appropriate authorities

How much time does it take to get a software developed from the date of placing the order?
The time frame varies widely, depending upon the type and intricacy of work. However, most softwares get completed in about 20 to 30 working days time, but some simpler softwares are ready in just 7 to 10 working days. Some softwares require some 90 to 100 working days time, particularly those which require additional government permissions of IT or telecom or other departments.

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