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More about us

The group is proud to have served an estimated around a lakh of customers till date all services taken together all over the world. It is a 'no compromise' group on quality, and is well-known for top-class quality of work as per global standard. It offers the widest option of services of both high end category as well as those with guaranteed cheapest rates in the market.

There have been many instances when a customer has come to us under dissatisfaction from another service provider, but there have been very few cases when it has been the other way round. This is a record which very few groups in the country can boast of. Out of the very few customers who have left us, most of them have done so because of obvious reasons like, closure of business, developing inhouse resources later, etc.

With such a wide range of services in Technology, Communication, Culture and Entertainment, a customer gets almost everything under the same banner with perfect integration. That's one of the greatest advantages of the group. You may take a look at the range of services, if you already have not.

Last but not the least, the group provides excellent back ups and after sales relation with clients with superfast actions whenever required.

If you would like to see some sample of our work (like, a client's website, or a video link or some graphic work for example), or need references from famous organizations or persons, please go to the Contacts page and write to us with the specific details you need, along with your satisfactory identity.

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