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Order & Payment details

Order Procedure

Orders can be placed through emails. Essential hard copy documents with manual signature can be exchanged through courier service.

Local customers can also enter into hard copy contracts hand to hand.

Payment Method

Foreword :

For security reasons, certain sensitive details, like bank account number, etc, are not shared here publicly. Details will be sent to authentic customers after satisfactory introduction.

bullet  For Indian customers

Indian customers can transfer money online to our ICICI Bank account or can deposit cheques. Cash deposits are not recommended for outstation customers because you will need to pay some additional transfer charges to the bank (the bank will tell you the amount). Account Payee cheques can also be sent by courier service.

Additionally, local customers can directly send cheque or cash to our office, for which hard copy receipt will be given.

bullet  For foreign customers

For services requiring one time payment, foreign customers may use the services of WUMT (Western Union Money Transfer) or online money transfer to our ICICI Bank in India.

For foreign customers outside SAARC countries, there is a lifelong special offer of huge discount on their charges ranging from 50% to 75% (i.e., pay only 50% to 25% of actual charges).

For retainer services (like, web security and consultancy) or services requiring recurring renewal or maintenance charges (like, websites, business mails, etc.) or services requiring fees to be paid on a regular basis (like, online training programmes), such discounts will be allowed depending upon the type of service, amount of charges and some other factors varying from customer to customer and country to country. This discount is applicable only to online transfer payments to our ICICI Bank at a regular interval (i.e., quarterly or monthly payments without break). If the continuity is broken or payment is made through WUMT, such discounts will not be allowable.

To make it more simple to understand, the discount will be applicable to any kind of recurring payments to our ICICI Bank account for any kind of service, if such payments are made quarterly or monthly without breaking the chain, irrespective of whether they were actually payable yearly, quarterly or monthly.

To get a clear idea of how you can plan your payments to avail of the discount, you may read the following typical example of website maintenance, which involves two kinds of payments, annual renewal and quarterly maintenance, and both are charged in advance at the beginning of every cycle :

Suppose your annual renewal amount is US$ 200 payable annually, and your maintenance charge is US$ 30 payable quarterly. In this case, your yearly expense without discount will be  US$ 320  (200+120). The first quarter of maintenance will coincide with your annual renewal charges every year in any case, as per your cycle (the month you started from, and not as per calendar year).

OPTION-1 :  If you make the annual renewal payment through online bank transfer or WUMT and quarterly maintenance charges through online bank transfer, you pay for renewal US$ 200 (no discount) and for maintenance, you pay US$ 60 (15x4, discounted). So, your yearly expense goes down to  US$ 260 .

OPTION-2 (CHEAPEST) :  If you make both the payments (i.e., renewal and maintenance) quarterly through online bank transfer, you pay for renewal US$ 25 and for maintenance you pay US$ 15 (total US$ 40 after discount, per quarter). So, your yearly expense goes down to only  US$ 160  (compare this with US$ 320 which is the actual charge without discount).

OPTION-3 :  If you make the renewal payment quarterly through online bank transfer and maintenance charges through WUMT, you pay for renewal US$ 25 (every quarter, after discount) and for maintenance, you pay US$ 30 (per quarter, without discount). So, your yearly expense goes down to  US$ 220 .

As already mentioned above as 'lifelong', it may be noted, that this discount scheme is permanent, and is not a temporary promotional offer.

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