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Website Remodelling & Redesigning Services

The following points may be noted:

Take a look at our charges if you already haven't, and come back here by pressing the back button of your browser (do not click on the back button there, that will take you to our main site).
New website customers wishing to get their older sites (developed by other service providers) redesigned by us, may get some special offers depending upon the category and volume of work.
Old customers, whose static (non-dynamic) sites were built prior to mid 2011, and are still running, get an unconditional flat discount of 50% on redesigning charges.
Remodelling of dynamic sites of such old customers or conversion from static to dynamic will also be allowed some discounts.
Foreign customers (outside SAARC countries) not only get massive discounts, but certain things (like recurring maintenance charges, etc.) are free for them, if they pay their discounted annual renewal charges in unbroken quarterly instalments in their currencies. Contact us for more details.