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We are in business since 1997.

This writeup is for those people, who are into any kind of business or service/ entertainment related profession. Be that product manufacturing or sale, or some sort of NGO or association, or they may be musicians, actors, reciters, writers, artists, astrologers, magicians, or whatever. A website can promote their work much further. Those who do not yet have their own websites may give a thought to the matter.

The minimum cost of getting a webpage (single page website with limited contents) is US$ 30 or INR 2,200 in the first year, and US$ 15 or INR 1,200 every year, 2nd year onwards. To know the minimum cost for a small and standard website, please visit our main site from the button above this frame and go to the pricing section.

A list of some of our famous and well-reputed clients can be sent on request, who can vouch for our quality of work and sincerity/ speed of our services.

There are large number of website service providers, and we are one of them, although senior to many of them in experience. But those providers who have a minimum standard, all have their own specialities different from the others. If a customer can reach the right place by understanding these, they are gainers. Here we discuss some of our spcialities and some more relevant points in brief.

Our founder Mr Arnab Roy Chowdhury has been in the profession of web and internet since its inception in the country in 1995, although his banner was different that time. It was 'ARC Creative World'.
It is obvious that being into this field for such a long time, we have developed websites for a very large number of famous or not so famous organisations and individuals within the country and all over the world. Now almost all corporate and large organisations have their own websites, so, now a days the response is more from medium and small sectors. That does not make any difference for us, because our volume of work depends on things like, which plan the customer chooses, site specifications, etc.
There are some post site launch options too, like, AMC, SEO, digital marketing, etc., and iOS/android apps for the site to open more smoothly in iphones and smartphones.
We take very good care of site aesthetics too, which beautify sites for painters, cultural institutions, musicians, magicians, etc. These sites have really appreciable designs, and links can be provided as demo.
It's not that our pricing is the lowest in the market, but it is very reasonable and lower than most service providers. It is wrong to assume that a bigger price always gives better quality. More important is to reach the right place. On the other hand, those who do it very cheap, the quality isn't upto the mark in many cases. There are some cheats or semi-cheats in this field, who start it cheap, but later forces the customer to pay up much more money unnecessarily with various plea, sometimes even saying that the site will otherwise close down.

The customer, in most cases, is left with no option, as the site address has already been publicised. It becomes a difficult task to get out of the hands of these people in order to transfer entire controls to some other service provider. Sometimes it takes even a year or more, and the customer ultimates pays up much more than what could have been reasonable. These people are law savvy, and the cyber crime laws aren't yet too strict in our country. So, normally no action can be taken against them.

Many such unfortunate customers have come to us since mid '90s, who can be contacted to hear their sad stories. Some of them have even faced a total fraud, where the entire money got stolen and the so called service provider closed the office and became untraceable. We believe in transparency. Even if the customer has zero technical knowledge, we still explain the basic relevant issues that might occur. We also suggest alternative ways to cut down on cost. Many developers do not do this in their own interest.
We carry out all sorts of followup and update work as early as possible, sometimes in even less than an hour. In cases of emergencies, we work even on Sundays, holidays and bandh days.
Facebook pages have lots of limitations, so far as things like design, layout, colour scheme, etc. are concerned. And, in case the customer does not have a Facebook account or is temporarily deactivated, they may not be able to view it properly or totally, depending upon page settings. So, a Facebook page is just an additional feather in the cap, not a total alternative to a dedicated website.